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A-List Movies, Inc. is excited to bring automated DVD rental technology to Birmingham Alabama!  Our goal is to make your DVD rental experience perfect every time!  We offer convenience, affordability and variety to all of our loyal customers.   

We are committed to bringing more than just a machine to each location. We want to create a "Virtual Video Store" experience while providing fast and reliable service to our location partners as well as our DVD rental customers.

Finally, the way that consumers rent movies has been revolutionized and the days of the giant rental stores are numbered. Today’s busy consumer demands convenience and, just as ATMs are the most innovative development in the history of banking , our DVD rental terminals are the logical step in the evolution of traditional video stores.

Today’s busy consumer will always try to minimize the number of stops when running errands. This is the reason why gas stations have added grocery essentials such as milk and bread, why supermarkets offer pharmacy, florists, and photo processing, and why most convenience stores are now offering banking or bill payment machines. Similarly, logic dictates that people are much more likely to rent a new release where it is fast and convenient. Our DVDNow automated DVD rental terminals are the perfect fit for grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, office buildings and other venues that consumers frequent on a daily or weekly basis as they enable a customer to grab a movie without making an extra stop on the way home.

 ~~~ Cedric McNabb, owner

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